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Allison Prictor

Client Concierge

Allison grew up and went to school in southern California. Her professional career began in Auckland, New Zealand, where she held several client-facing roles across a variety of industries and companies, including at Microsoft. Prior to

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getting married and moving back to California, she worked in client services for a financial company, which piqued her interest towards continuing in that field — and which ultimately brought her to Painted Porch!

Outside of work Alli enjoys time with her family the most, and cares less about what she’s doing than who she’s with. Her hobbies include puzzles, dancing, movies, and family walks. Her favorite sports are rugby and Formula One racing — and as a car-lover, she’s an avid fan of Audi and Porsche. She could live on chocolate, avocado English muffins, coffee, and strawberries alone.

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Brian Lloyd

CEO and Founder

Brian is the Founder and CEO of Painted Porch. He’s a big believer in the power of unleashing human potential — his own and others’ — and that the highest goal in life is enduring happiness and fulfillment. He started his career in the world of

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New York finance, with positions in investment banking, private equity and research and portfolio management in the hedge fund industry.

While enjoying the intellectual stimulation, he found the substance and human impact of high finance seriously lacking. Leaving New York for Santa Barbara in 2001, he went to work in a coffee shop on State Street, and began coaching youth soccer.

Always trying to navigate the tradeoffs of a life of material success and the need for fulfilment and happiness, he started to explore the possibility of “AND”. What if we can have a world of financial abundance that also supports our sense of mission and purpose in life? This was also the time he officially started on the entrepreneurial path. After starting several different companies with friends, Brian took a position with a small, family-owned financial planning and wealth management firm. He went on to become managing partner and CEO, growing it from a small firm of 5 employees in Santa Barbara to a firm with over 30 employees, 5 offices and over 600 clients and potential clients under their care.

In 2019, Brian formed Painted Porch to go further. Now he’s focused on building a firm dedicated to unleashing the human potential of its team, clients, and community through the alignment of financial wellness with the conditions proven to support enduring happiness.

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Craig Schmitt



As a Financial Planning Analyst, Craig plays a key role in strategy development and planning for our clients and community. Craig was born and raised in Wisconsin. As a recent Midwest transplant to Santa Barbara, he misses the cheese back in Wisconsin, but he certainly does not miss the snow.

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Craig formerly worked in the legal field where he compassionately supported clients through many major life changes including divorce and bankruptcy. He found his work in the legal field to be incredibly rewarding, though emotionally demanding at times. Craig is really looking forward to engaging with and helping clients through his work with Painted Porch and he is quite optimistic that there will be less heartbreak in his new role.

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Dana Weymouth

Director of Operations

Dana is the Director of Operations and leads team development. Dana has years of experience with growing teams, running CRM technology and using the EOS business model. After receiving a social science degree from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA.

Dana served two years in the Peace Corps in West Africa. Most recently, Dana worked for…

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  ReviveHealth in Santa Barbara and Nashville. He spent more than 8 years working in the operations and technology department at Revive.

Dana loves coaching and playing soccer — he has coached youth club soccer for over 20 years. His favorite sports teams are the SF Giants, SF 49ers, LA Lakers, Nashville Preds, Man U and Leeds United! He has recently taken up running long distances and is excited to hit the 200 miles completed mark soon.

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James Castanino

Managing Partner and CFO

James Castanino is CFO and leads Corporate Development. He has more than 20 years of experience in finance and investments, including roles as a private equity investor, executive, board member and strategic advisor to growth

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James is especially energized by the opportunity to develop, finance and execute innovative growth strategies. The opportunity to do this alongside a great team is what drew him to Painted Porch.

James’s career has included roles in Strategy and Business Development at American Express, Private Equity at Global Environment Fund, Head of Corporate Development at Ciris Energy, and advisor to senior management teams pursuing M&A and institutional investment.

James is passionate about spending time with family, travel, and just about anything that gets him outdoors or underwater.

James has an M.A. in International Economics from Johns Hopkins SAIS and a B.A in History from Harvard University.

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Kurt Schliemann

Managing Partner &
Head of Community Engagement

Kurt drives the activation, growth, and engagement of the Painted Porch community. He loves connecting with people, freely exchanging ideas, and getting to the heart of the matter.

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Kurt grew up in the Boston area and studied English literature at Harvard University. He started his career in New York City, first in marketing and then strategic consulting for financial services firms like American Express. He went on to spend the bulk of his career developing and leading sales organizations in the fintech and institutional investment space, most recently with JPMorgan. He loved the camaraderie and pace he experienced in the worlds of sales and finance, but oftentimes found that the relationships he formed were too transactional, standing in the way of genuine connection. So, he decided to seek more.

Following a 3-year stint in the world of communications and PR consulting, Kurt joined his close friends James and Brian to help grow Painted Porch’s mission and reach. He was driven by the aspirational vision of the company and its truly transformational approach to helping people. Outside of work, Kurt can be found on the golf course with his wife, Kat, or hiking and biking through the wilderness and catching lizards with his two children, Theo and Josie.

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Megan van den Bergh


Meg was an outsider to the wealth management industry a decade ago, but quickly rose through the ranks and became a partner at her prior firm after just 6 years. Even though her roles started off as largely behind-the-scenes, she developed a

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love (some would say obsession) for personal finance and earned her Certified Financial Planner certificate in 2016.

Meg is someone who loves to dig ten layers deep and think ten steps ahead. While the technical aspects of financial planning can be rewarding on their own, helping people get from point A to point B as safely and efficiently as possible is where she derives a lot of joy. Ultimately, Meg sees her craft as a tool for social good. When money no longer needs to be part of our survival equation, we can turn our attention outward to the communities around us and unapologetically pursue a better world.

She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, Zsolt, and enjoys kayaking, knitting, reading, and eating spicy food with a frosty glass of beer.

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Olivia Jones

Client Concierge

Olivia is a recent graduate from University of California, Davis. During her time at Davis, she studied Managerial Economics and spent most of her time competing for the UC Davis Women’s Soccer team. She was born and raised in Santa

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Barbara and is grateful to be back.

Olivia started as an intern in January and is excited to now be with the team full time. She’s eager to learn more and grow in her role.

Some of her favorite things to do are playing beach volleyball, going snowboarding, re-learning how to surf, taking the dogs for beach walks and spending time with her family and friends.

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We are a mission-driven firm, focused on bringing positive change to the financial planning and wealth management landscape. We are  always looking for growth-oriented individuals who love using their brain and talent to help others.

If you are interested in speaking with us about a position, please email or send your CV to

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