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Today is a big day for us at Painted Porch. We’re excited to be sending out the final donation check this week for our 2022 Help First charitable giving beneficiary, Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara.  This is a big moment for us because this was something that we dreamed of accomplishing from the start of Painted Porch. Our gratitude for those that have joined us on that journey is massive. We are also honored and humbled that members of our community have made generous donations to support Girls Inc. We are grateful for the ability to support and spotlight an organization we really believe in!

At Painted Porch, we believe financial wealth’s primary purpose should be in service to self-actualization and enduring happiness.  We also see community as a core element on that path. As a commitment to our community, we donate $100 to charity each time we create a new financial plan. Small steps lead to big impact, and we hope our support will help Girls Inc. continue doing the great work they do in our community.

For a company like ours, focused on helping all in our community live their best lives, Girls Inc. was a natural fit.  Guided by a belief in the value and potential of all girls, Girls Inc. is committed to “creating a safe gathering place for girls to learn and to share in a sisterhood and a strong premise that each girl can develop her own capacities, self-confidence, and grow up healthy, educated, and independent.” With our donation to the Santa Barbara chapter, we celebrate the resonance between the organization’s feminist mission and the value we place on helping others fully realize their own potential for personal empowerment and enduring happiness.

We encourage you to learn more about Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara, and the Girls Inc. national organization. If you’re feeling inspired, please join us in supporting Girls Inc. in their mission to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold!




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