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Welcoming (and Welcoming Back) Our New Porch Family

This is why we are so thrilled to welcome our two newest Porch members, Tim Lindvall and Zach Philipp. It took us a while to find them (and we put them through every pace we could!), and we couldn’t be happier that they’ve decided to hang out on The Porch with us. Each brings a unique and fresh perspective that makes us a more well-rounded firm. And they truly embody our values in a way that they fit right in from Day 1.

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Coffee Talk: Much Ado About Inflation

Inflation is once again rearing its ugly head…but is it here to stay?
Brian and Kurt discuss how inflation impacts the economy, the best investments for an inflationary environment, and why it’s important to always be “just a little wrong” when trying to predict what’s going to happen in the market.

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Coffee Talk: Simplicity Wins

For the decade from 2009-2019, 89% of largecap fund managers underperformed the S&P500. 89%!!
In this latest Coffee Talk, Brian and Kurt discuss the danger of thinking that investing is easy…how much of your life you get back when you stop trying to be “smart” by timing the market…and the fact that, when it comes to investing over the long-term, “simplicity wins”.

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Making an Impact. Together.

One foundational element of our Help First philosophy is our donation of $100 for every financial plan we create. We wanted our first donation to go toward helping our local Santa Barbara community, the place where Painted Porch was born.

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Why Doesn’t Everyone Do This?

Help First. It’s more than just a concept. Or a philosophy. Or a state of mind. At Painted Porch, it’s all of those things. But companies don’t just help people, with no strings attached – do they?

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Pausing … And Giving Thanks

As many know, our team will have the week off from our regular day-to-day activities next week as a means of recharging – and focusing on gratitude (of course, we’re still watching the market and reacting to client needs!). It feels fitting for the week of Thanksgiving, doesn’t it?

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