We believe that true wealth is not just about possessions.

It’s about discovering and maximizing the parts of life that bring unencumbered joy.

Today’s wealth management industry focuses too much on “sales”, acquiring assets, and making unrealistic promises or taking unnecessary risks. There’s painfully little discussion of self-discovery — how to live one’s best life, and how to harness your resources to do it.

So we decided to form a different kind of company, one that will always Help First.

While we have deep experience with asset management, we also understand that being a smart financial steward is simply par for the course. But helping people holistically structure their financial life — and through that process, unlocking their full potential as humans — now that’s something we wanted to build a company around.




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Our mission is to help those in our community to live their best lives, and to unlock the human potential for enduring happiness.

How do we actually do this?

  • We integrate a detailed and sophisticated financial planning process, evidence-based strategies for living a better life, and a deeply human approach to setting goals and priorities.
  • We incorporate a data-driven investment process to help manage and grow wealth in a disciplined way.
  • We eagerly take on challenges — and solve problems — that are often outside the traditional scope of wealth management.

The Difference

Painted Porch

Help First

Help First

Up-front planning, problem solving, and consultation for free. Comprehensive analysis and review of financial situation and life goals. No sales pitches and no pressure. Just genuine help.


Advanced & Comprehensive Planning

Most firms will cover the basic areas of planning. Our support goes much further. We’ve helped sell businesses, plan for major life changes, and done seemingly small things like negotiate car sales or help pick realtors. We provide counsel on anything that could be impactful to your finances and life.

Sophisticated Investment Platform

Extensive experience in financial markets. Critical thinking around risk and return, integrated with your goals and financial plan. Invested for the long-term. We also offer a curated alternative investment platform to qualified investors, with accessible minimum investment levels, and a highly aligned fee structure (of course).

High Five!

Fully Aligned With You

We are fiduciaries, fee-only, and committed to transparency. No hidden fees, no pushing proprietary products. We actively avoid conflicts of interest, and measure success by our impact for our clients and community.

Exceptional, Compassionate Team

Deep financial acumen. A team with unique experience across a wide variety of industries. Allows us to see the big picture and bring sophistication and genuine humanity to everything we do.
These promises empower us to deliver a radically different experience from most wealth management firms.
If you’re ready to explore the journey with us, you can start the process here.

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