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"Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response."

— Viktor Frankl

This is the uncomfortable part. Upheaval and uncertainty.

This note is intended for our clients, friends, family, members of our community, and anyone else who might find it useful and impactful.

We’re hoping to walk alongside you as we all take a moment to pause, focus on what is within our control, what’s important in our lives, and choose the right action(s) as we all navigate this uncertain and rapidly-evolving time. We are calm and confident in our path through this. And we want you to know that we are in this with you and here if you need us. While we are not immune to the emotions, and realities, we feel grounded in concrete actions, within our control, that we are confident will help us successfully navigate the road ahead.

This is the just the first step. We look forward to sharing more in the days ahead.

For our clients.

First, know that we’ve got you. While we wouldn’t have predicted the specifics of this situation, we did anticipate this type of market volatility. We don’t take this environment lightly. At the same time, as we continually assess our strategies and the developments in the market, we remain confident in the structure of your portfolio and the soundness of the financial planning behind your broader financial picture. If knowing we are here on this watch for you is bringing you peace, you can rest assured we remain calm, confident and vigilant as we navigate the current environment. As always, we encourage you to reach out any time.

For those of you who like specifics and love to see what underpins our confidence, we’ll be sharing more of that information in follow up posts over the next few days. We’ll also be providing reinforcement and “spiritual renewal” around our strategies and some of the nuances and opportunities we see in the current market environment.

For our friends, family and broader community.

We want to help. We don’t want to just be another voice in the chorus either telling you what you already know, or stoking fears of an unknown that none of us can control. We want to focus on what we control and what we can do. We want to offer something that might help.

We are all human.

First, let’s feel. People feel. We have emotions. They aren’t to be dismissed. They have been essential to our survival over eons. We are all having feelings. Whether it’s the market, or the coronavirus. Whether it’s fear for ourselves, or for people we care about. Whether we feel like retreating, or moving forward seeking opportunity in the upheaval. We feel. So rather than potentially belaboring the list of all the things you should do without consideration for the human realities, we first want to acknowledge that there’s real emotion here. That it’s valid. Let it out. Share it. With us, with friends or family. In a journal. Shout it at the ocean. But let it be, acknowledge it, and let it out.

Let’s talk.

In an effort to help us all connect and support each other, we are launching two new initiatives, and plan to continue them until they are no longer needed.

Virtual Office Hours beginning March 20, 2020 at 1pm Pacific, sign-up link below – Open group Q&A, anything related to finances, everyone is welcome

First, we will have virtual office hours for ANYONE who might find it beneficial. We will make ourselves available to listen, answer questions, share stories, and anything else that might be useful in these volatile times. These sessions will focus on financial, investment, and financial planning related discussions.

You can sign up for our first session by clicking the first button directly below this post. If you can’t make it on March 20 at 1pm Pacific, please sign up for our blog to be notified of future office hours. We’ll also circulate recordings in a future post.

Virtual Town Hall Meetings, please add your name to the interest list – Panel conversations with experts across a spectrum of issues that are relevant today

Second, we are working to pull together local resources for virtual town hall discussions bringing in resources and experts with valuable perspectives on the coronavirus pandemic, impact on our communities, economic implications and market/financial impacts.

We will have more details on the specifics in the coming days, so please add your name to our interest list below.

One-on-One Conversations 

If you prefer to talk one-on-one, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to talk to you. We love this work. This isn’t easy, but it’s why we are here.

In closing, this is intended for anyone we can positively impact. Please feel free to forward this, or any of our communications to others if you feel it can be helpful. We look forward to being in touch with you in the days and weeks ahead.

Be Well,


The Painted Porch Team



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