Pausing … And Giving Thanks

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As many know, our team will have the week off from our regular day-to-day activities next week as a means of recharging – and focusing on gratitude (of course, we’re still watching the market and reacting to client needs!). It feels fitting for the week of Thanksgiving, doesn’t it?

So how are we going to spend the time? We each answered this question for ourselves. The list is below. We hope it inspires our community to find their own ways to also refresh and relax. In what has been an especially stressful year, we could all use some time and space to strengthen our hearts, minds and spirits…so here’s to hoping that it resonates with you and maybe gives you some ideas for your own “spiritual replenishment”!

Craig Schmitt

During our pause next week, I’m hoping to enjoy the great outdoors! Having a chance to kick back in nature, and maybe even play a bit of guitar, always helps me feel rejuvenated!

James Castanino

I will be spending next week with my wife in the San Juan mountains in SW Colorado. Lots of hiking (or showshoeing, depending on weather), trail runs, cooking, and relaxing. No doubt also a few Facetime calls with nieces and nephews who will be celebrating together back in New England.

Olivia Jones

Some things that I am going to do over the week of “pause”…

  • Beach volleyball
  • Spend time with my sisters since they are both coming home (!!!)
  • Take my pups to the beach
  • Spend time (outdoors) with my grandparents
  • See friends that are coming home for the holiday
  • Make pumpkin pie!!
  • Finish my book
  • Work on my developing skill of latte art (it needs a ton of practice) 😊

Dana Weymouth

The kids will be in school for the first part of the week. Kelly and I plan to hike, picnic, wear out the dog and maybe, weather-willing, hang out at a winery.

We are also hosting two other dogs which will make for chaos and distraction from not being with our extended family.

Brian Lloyd

I’m excited to spend time immersed with my boys, surrounded by family and friends. Group flow is often associated with action sports or meditation…this week is group flow by being surrounded by people who love me unconditionally and by focusing on Hudson and Bennet who remind me every day how amazing life is. I may also read a book and definitely am going to consciously and intentionally slow down for a week.

Kurt Schliemann

So excited for this week to refresh and see family and friends, in a safe way! Going to be focusing on mental and physical wellness next week: exercising in some capacity every day; finishing one book and maybe even getting through another; spending time playing and connecting with Josie and Theo; training (and playing with) our new pup, Rosie; and finding lots of ways to laugh with my family and friends.

Yanchang Xu

  • Go to more workout classes and run more
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Eat lots and lots of food
  • Watch TV
  • Relax! And read a book!

Megan van den Bergh

For my week off, the things I’m most looking forward to are working on leash training with Billie and getting her to sit next to us while we’re on the couch; finishing some knitting projects I’ve had on my needles since the beginning of the pandemic; sleeping!; and making some of our favorite meals in bulk to get us through the busy end of year season.



  1. Zsolt

    Cute dogs!

    • Diane Federle

      May the time of thanksgiving and rejuvenation fuel you al l to continue your work in allowing others to be able to give thanks and to feel rejuvenation in accompishing their goals for themselves and their families.

  2. Vycki Goldenberg-Minstein

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
    Looking forward to a time when we can see you again


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