Welcoming (and Welcoming Back) Our New Porch Family

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As a new business, it feels like these past two years have gone by in a flash. Of course, they have been anything but quick and painless — for any of us. Through these longest of two years, we’ve seen our growing community celebrate victories and suffer setbacks. We’ve relished our role as advisors, friends, sounding boards, and at times — shoulders to cry on. There have been challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable, conversations. We’ve “entered the danger” with many of you, always coming out the better for it. This is the work we love, and we want to be right there alongside you for the journey of life.

Along with deepening this connection to our community over these two years, we’ve also seen our company grow. Watching our team grow together — challenging, supporting, and getting the best out of each other – has been such a treat for us all. And bringing in fresh faces and fresh perspectives over these two years has also been an exciting process. We are fortunate to feel like we get better with every new team member who joins us.

This is why we are so thrilled to welcome our two newest Porch members, Tim Lindvall and Zach Philipp. It took us a while to find them (and we put them through every pace we could!), and we couldn’t be happier that they’ve decided to hang out on The Porch with us. Each brings a unique and fresh perspective that makes us a more well-rounded firm. And they truly embody our values in a way that they fit right in from Day 1.

Tim Lindvall is a high school friend of Brian’s, and they were also roommates at SMU. He has decided to take his career in a new direction by joining Painted Porch. Bringing with him an extensive background in corporate finance and investment management, Tim has spent his career as an investor and portfolio manager across the capital structure, primarily focused on the energy sector. What struck us most about Tim from the outset was his intellect, his thoughtfulness, and his true professionalism. Tim has enjoyed a successful career on Wall Street, without getting caught up in the trappings that such a career often seduces people into. We love what he brings to our team — he is a centered, humble person with an analytical mind and a dry wit. Tim lives just outside of Houston with his wife, Tracy, and their five children (4 boys and a girl), ranging from ages 12 to 22. He comes to us having already earned his CFA designation and his MBA from the Wharton School. He’s well on his way to becoming the third advisor on our team and we’re excited by the possibilities that will come from having such a strong, thoughtful presence to help lead us moving forward.

Zach Philipp joins The Porch as our newest analyst. He hails originally from Illinois, but has relocated to the Dallas area to help us build out our presence there. Zach comes to us with a corporate accounting background, most recently as a business resources accountant at Caterpillar, Inc. What was evident about Zach from early on, besides his attention to detail and his intelligence, was his sense of humor. Zach is quick with a laugh or a joke, and particularly isn’t afraid to laugh at himself. He brings lots of joy to our meetings and to our office, and his sense of adventure (including moving his whole life from Illinois to Dallas!) is fed by his love of the outdoors. Zach has already been a great addition to the team, is enjoying the work and picking it up quickly. We expect big things to come for him!

Finally — and last, but not least — we are welcoming back Alli Prictor from her maternity leave! Alli celebrated the birth of her second child – little baby Eden – on October 23, and we’ve missed her contribution to the team for the last several months. But the trade-off was worth it, because we have a new and adorable member of The Porch family…and older brother Mason is ecstatic to have a baby sister to play with! For anyone who already knows Alli, you’ll know what a key member of the team she is, and how she exemplifies all that we stand for at Painted Porch. We are grateful to have her back. We’re also excited for Alli and her family, who are moving to Texas in the very near future – Austin – where Mason and Eden will be able to grow up close to their aunt and uncle (Alli’s sister and her husband) and their two cousins. Welcome back, Alli – and congratulations on your growing family!!

It feels so good to have more thriving and engaged teammates with us on The Porch. And we look forward to having the rest of our community meet these new colleagues – we know you’ll love them as much as we do!


The Painted Porch Team


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  1. Janny

    Wonderful! Thanks for the intro to these folks…..look forward to meeting them. 😊


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