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Coffee Talk: Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

In our latest Coffee Talk, Brian, Meg and Kurt show how a DAF can be a savvy tax-planning tool and can create positive advantages for many who are charitably inclined – through lowering overall portfolio risk, savings on capital gains taxes, and the optimization of charitable deductions on your tax returns.

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Ode to Frosty

Just over a year ago, Painted Porch was born. Prior to founding Painted Porch, I ran a small independent advisory firm based in Santa Barbara for over 10 years. I’m honored to have had that opportunity and I am very proud of what that firm became, the work we did, the work they still do each day.

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Time to Breathe

These are hard days, with so much stress on so many levels – from concerns about the health of ourselves and our loved ones, to the difficulties of home-schooling to worries about jobs, the economy, and money.

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Meet the Team

We had so much fun making this video together. We hope you enjoy it — including and especially all of the little surprises and imperfections of life, which feels exactly right in this moment.

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Letting Go

I’m not sure if anyone else has felt this way, but I’ve noticed a strange little psychological loop as I work from home. I’m homebound, so I assume it will be hard to get things done. I feel like I am constantly pushing myself to stay on task.

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Today I am taking a moment to share a little gratitude. I hope that it will inspire you to consider all of the things that you feel grateful for during this time when so many other things feel out of our control. What are you grateful for?

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